Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Chicken is back!

Anyone who knows the Doodlebug knows that he is not a big eater. He used to eat a lot of chicken but when he turned 3 he decided chicken was icky and he stopped eating it. He told us when he turned 4 he would start eating it again but he didn't. I got tough with him (yeah right) and told him I wasn't buying him anymore new toys until he started eating chicken, or any other meat, again. He was unphased. Well, I get this voicemail from my mom last Tuesday saying he ate chicken at lunch. Woo-hoo!!!! Turns out he only had 2 bites but it was a start. So I used this as my opportunity to start the chicken up again. I told him that if he ate 5 bites of chicken at dinner then we could go to Target and get a new toy. He said ok. While we were eating he asked if he could get some delicious popcorn (that's what he calls the popcorn at Target) when we went to get his new toy. So I upped the chicken limit to 7 pieces if he wanted some delicious popcorn. He ate 7 bites of chicken so off to Target we went. The next day at school he had 2 nuggets from Chick Fil A. WTF? Who's kid is this? Thursday, Friday and Saturday were chickenless days. Sunday evening rolls around and I tell him I'm going to get him a chicken nugget happy meal. I'm expecting him to give me the hand and say he just wants a cheeseburger with no meat but he said ok. So I ran out the door before he could change his mind. He killed 4 nuggets in less than 5 minutes. He came to me and said, "Mommy, I want more chicken nuggets." Ex-queeze me? I told him to eat his fries and if he was still hungry after that we'd go get more. He was still hungry after that. The grand total for nugget consumption by the Doodlebug Sunday evening was 9. NINE NUGGETS!!! Monday lunch - 4 nuggets. Monday dinner - 6 nuggets. HUH??? He actually said he missed chicken. :-) He has even said he wants to try fish sticks. I'll keep you posted on that adventure. Welcome back protein!

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