Sunday, May 31, 2009

I got your douche!!!

Very few people will know what that title means...and even fewer would be amused if I tried to explain.

What a busy weekend! Friday night we had a small going away happy hour for our library aid, Dana. She has decided she doesn't need to work anymore - must be nice. It will be nice though since she won't be working anymore she can have beverages ready for us at her house at 3:35 on any given day.

Saturday was Corrie's day of beauty. I got my hair cut and my nails and toes done. Saturday night was an end of school gathering at a place called Texas Tavern. But before we went there, Chad, Sarah, Jason and I went to Sylvia's. It's pretty far from where we were supposed to be but it is so worth the drive. The food is awesome and the margarita's are the best. I told Chad next time we go there we are just going to get a room on that side of town so we can have as many margs as we want and not have to drive home. :-) Then we went to Texas Tavern. It's a small little joint in Cypress. There was a band playing. It was loud and smokey but we had a good time. It's there where we came up with the title of the blog. I took pictures that I thought would be funny to post but looking at them now (while I'm sober) I think they will work out best if they just stay on my phone. I will post this one though. It's a picture of Sarah and I right before our buttery nipple shot. There were lots of teachers doing shots there.

And then Sunday I got to play housewife and do loads of overdue laundry and clean up the house so the cleaning people can come tomorrow....makes sense, huh?

3 more days......

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