Monday, May 18, 2009

Hey Monday....suck it!!!!

My throat has been hurting since Friday, which is a little unusual for me. If I get a sore throat it usually only lasts about a day. I haven't been sleeping well and my throat is still hurting and because of the little sleep I've been getting I was really exhausted this morning and I didn't think I would have the patience to deal with 4th graders today so I decided to let someone else deal with them. My mom asked if I needed her to take the, I'll be fine. The Doodlebug had school today and my plan was to rest when the Ladybug rested. My first opportunity to rest lasted about zero seconds thanks to a Clooney-cintric episode of ER. My second opportunity was going to be a good one until the Doodlebug's school called to inform me he was sick and I needed to come get him....ok, I'm on my way. The Ladybug is still rubbing her ears after 2 rounds of antibiotics so I made a doctor's appointment for both bugs. We had to go to the after hours clinic, which we found out once we got there that the after hours clinic was at a different location this evening due to a power outage. WTF??? Why didn't I get a phone call??? I did - 2 actually, whilest I was dining at PF Chang's before the appointment. You gotta love the after hours clinic though - in and out of there with 2 kids in less than 30 minutes. Anyway, both bugs have ear infections and both are now on antibiotics. Good times. So my plan to rest today completely backfired - I got absolutely no rest.

By the way, the Ladybug is 5 months old today. She's a bit of a show off with the rolling from her back to her belly and back again. She is LOUD!! She makes the funniest noises, is constantly drooling and making bubbles and is a huge giggle box. She is so smiley! She looks like a mini-Chad and still absolutely loves her big brother.

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