Wednesday, May 27, 2009

How many more days?

I usually don't count down how many days we have until school is out because I think it makes the time go by even slower but this year I'm counting down and for all of you who are wondering (and I know not many of you are) we have five (5) more days with kids. I have to be there six more days but only 5 more with the kids. Woo-hoo!!! My kids have really worn me out this year. There are even adults in my school that are wearing me out. The happy hours are becoming more frequent so I know I'm not the only one feeling this way.

I have several things that I am looking forward to this summer. My birthday is coming up - the big 3-5. Then Chad, the Doodlebug and I are piling in Eve with Michelle, Royce and Maddie and we are headed to San Antonio for a few days. Can you say "spa treatment?" Then in July, me, Chad, Chuck, Melissa, Sarah, Jason, and John are flying out to Las Vegas. We got a hella-good deal at Mandalay Bay. We are getting a cabana out by the pool for 2 days and we are going to do tons of relaxing and, most likely, tons of drinking. That's all of my big plans for the summer. I'm heading to the foot doctor next week and I'm hoping he doesn't tell me I need surgery to fix my accessory navicular (boat shaped bone in your foot) that has been bugging me since December. But if he does say I need surgery I'll be taking care of that after Vegas.


**UPDATE** OMG!!! I forgot one uber-important event for the summer. July 18th - the NKOTB concert. How could I forget that?

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