Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Tequila, friends and....wait for it....Drag Queens

I have to tell you about my Saturday night because it was just that much fun. Chad and I went to dinner with Chuck and Melissa. We went to Ruby Tequila's. I think their food is ok...the appetizers are great, especially the queso inferno...but the food, to me, is just ok. And I give the drinks a thumbs up. After dinner, I figured we would head home or to Chuck & Melissa's to hang out. Oh how I was wrong. There is a bar within walking distance of their house that has....here it comes....drag queens. Yes, it was a gay bar. Chad & Chuck were all gung ho. "Yeah, let's go check it out." They thought it would be entertaining. Melissa & I were like, eh, drinks are free at home. But we went. Here are some highlights.....
  • Bathrooms at this bar are apparently unisex.
  • It was a low key bar when we first arrived. John Mayer was playing. The Rockets game was on. 10:00 rolls around. Bam!! We have ourselves a night club!! No more Rockets. The lights go down. Music starts blaring.
  • Did I mention the small stage with the stripper pole and the other stage on the other side of the bar (where we were sitting) that was bigger...a performance stage, if you will?
  • Drag queen comes out, lip syncing to Celine Dion. She was beautiful - tall and rail thin...no breeding hips. After her number she welcomed everyone to Amateur Strip Night. Oh. Lord.
  • Chad and Chuck got hugs from "Spice Boy." He only shook mine and Melissa's hand.
  • We stayed until a little after midnight. The ones who were all, eh, drinks are free at home, had the best time.

We headed back to Chuck & Melissa's place where we turned their downstairs room into a karaoke room/dance floor/live band. We felt the need to continue this until around 2:00 in the morning. Good thing it wasn't a school night because thanks to the cluster that is Washington Avenue at closing time, it took me an hour to get home. Always a good time with Chuck & Mo...and drag queens.