Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Tuesday kinda sucked too....

3:37 this morning, the Doodlebug crawled in bed with me. His breathing didn't sound right - it was rapid and he was kind of grunting every time he would exhale. I made Chad listen to it for a while and after about 10 minutes he decided it didn't sound right and headed off to the ER with the Doodlebug. Turns out he has bronchitis - which he didn't have at the after hours clinic last night so it came on rather rapidly. He had to do a breathing treatment at the hospital which lasted about 45 minutes and they also gave him an oral steroid. They wanted to also give him a steroid shot but daddy intervened and prevented that. Here he is at the hospital - look at those eyes.

They got home a little after 8:00. He came in, said hi, and threw up on me.....welcome home baby. He took a good nap and woke up feeling better. His breathing is still rapid and he still sounds like a seal when he coughs but at least he is acting like he feels ok. He'll get a few days of rest and hopefully be back to his normal self.

Wednesday has to be better, right?

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  1. Poor fella! I hope he's on his way to feeling better.