Friday, June 5, 2009

It's quite possible Laverne was wrong.

So yesterday was my last official day of work. After our lunch at school I headed to the post office (oh joy) where I proceeded to wait in the wrong line for the better part of 45 minutes and then I waited in the correct line for another 20 minutes to pick up a package that should not have been mailed via the USPS but my cheap make-up bitches were offering free shipping and their version of free is to send it via the USPS instead of Fed Ex and the mail lady who says we have "too many flats" wouldn't leave it on my door so I had to go pick it up. Then I went to the foot second foot doctor. I had gone to one foot doctor - I'm pretty sure she is Laverne DeFazio - and she diagnosed me with blah blah and gave me some shoe inserts and told me to wear tennis shoes every day with these inserts. Well, I don't want to wear tennis shoes anymore. I want my dang foot fixed. It's summer and I don't want to wear the sweaty tennis shoes.

This is so much better than a tennis shoe:

Yes, I'm now sporting a boot. Hey doc, I'm going to Sea World next week. That's great! Wear the boot. Suck it, doc. He is of the opinion that I have a torn tendon which he will either confirm or deny after my MRI. The MRI will tell him whether or not he has to "go in" and fix it. He's hoping, as am I, that the boot will fix it. And by the way, a torn tendon is not what Laverne said was wrong. The pain I'm having is nowhere near where Laverne said my problem was so Laverne can suck it too.

So after this fabulous news I went to Carrabba's for dinner with Michelle, Laura and their friend Carolyn. Their bellini machine was broken. HUH???!!! You think I go to Carrabba's for the food?? I think not. So we were forced to get a Carraba-rita...not a bad substitute. We had 1.5 of those bad boys and were feeling great. We had a lot of fun - it was a great end to the end of school. And then I made Michelle get up nice and early this morning and go to a science class with me....what a friend.

Hey Laura - cocks-sacky! (only a precious few will get that one)


  1. No Mrs. "C" is it COXSACKIE! Those Ritas were GREAT!

  2. Too funny! Did your first doctor have a last name starting with "R"? If so, I couldn't agree more on the Laverne thing! I saw her team for about 3 months, never cured my problem which I just now live with.
    Had fun the other night!