Friday, June 12, 2009

I'll have a grilled cheese with fries and a hot dog bun on the side

Doesn't that sound nutritious? That was one of the Doodlebug's fabulous meal choices on our trip to San Antonio. And guess which part of that meal he ate? The bun! What am I going to do with him.

We had a great time in San Antonio. Here we are riding in Eve. Michelle and I let the kids sit in the middle so they could watch DVDs. It was a good plan but it's not easy getting in and out of the back of Eve with the boot.

I'm sorry I believe we ordered the large Sonic beverage......
We hit the road early on Monday so we could have lunch on the Riverwalk. Here are the kids on the river. The Doodlebug isn't the best picture taker.

We went to Sea World on Tuesday and stayed a lot longer than I think we planned. We went to the water park first and then went to some shows in the park. The weather started out pretty cloudy and since it was still early in the summer the water was a bit chilly. But of course once we got out of the water and went into the park the clouds parted and we started sweating buckets. Wednesday was a realxing day. We went to the pool at the hotel for a while and then Michelle and I left the kids with their daddy's and headed to the spa. After some pampering (which, by the way, we think we need to do on a monthly basis) we went to eat in the little town of Helotes and instead of eating, Carson played games.

We came home yesterday and went and picked up the Ladybug from Nonnie's house. She stayed here so she could get spoiled and stay out of the heat. It was a great trip. Next stop - VEGAS!!!

Random things:

  • I'm a terrible photographer. The pictures above are seriously the only pictures I took on the trip. I'm hoping Michelle's pictures are much better.
  • Our new bed was delivered today. It stinks...literally...but that smell will apparently fade.
  • I was trying to reveal the code on the back of my iTunes gift card and some of the letters and numbers rubbed off and I can't figure out what the code is so I can't redeem the
  • I have my MRI for my ankle
  • I have 5 doctors appointments next week - 3 of which are

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