Friday, September 4, 2009

The Babysitting Chronicles

Tonight, Chad and I, along with Sarah and Jason, are going to see Chuck's band. My brother (Cee Cee) and sister-in-law (Lee Lee) are coming over to babysit. Everything will be fine. The bugs love them and they all have a lot of fun together.

Now, let's rewind to December of 2005 and I'll tell you about the first time Cee Cee and Lee Lee tried to babysit the Doodlebug. The Doodlebug was 9 months old and we were going to dinner for Chuck's birthday. We were going to a restaurant far, far away. About halfway there we got a phone call from Cee Cee telling us that the Doodlebug had not stopped crying since we left. He had called my mom and she gave him suggestions - none of which worked. So then I gave him some suggestions and told him I'd call him when we got to the restaurant to see if he was any better. Well, we pulled into the parking lot at the restaurant when my phone rang again. The Doodlebug was at the crying stage where you are pretty sure he is no longer breathing. Without a doubt, Cee Cee and Lee Lee are freaking out at this point. So we went into the restaurant. "Happy Birthday, Chuck. We can't stay." We rushed home to rescue the babysitters. When we walked in, the house was silent. The Doodlebug had cried himself to sleep. Cee Cee was sitting in the rocking chair in his room staring at the floor, semi-comatose. Lee Lee was on the floor, back against the wall, knees to her chest staring at the floor, also semi-comatose. Chad and I had to giggle at them. They were so traumatized. It was a VERY LONG time before the ever agreed to babysit again. Hopefully tonight will not scar them like the first time did.

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