Saturday, September 19, 2009

9 months!!! Seriously...

The Ladybug is now 9 months old. And for her 9 month old birthday present she gets...a double ear infection!!! She looks real sick, huh? Go ahead...feel sorry for her. She still only has 2 teeth - 2 teeth that she has worked very hard on. She is still incredibly happy and still loves her veggies, her brother and Maxx (much to his dismay). She's fast too!! She has started standing on her own without holding onto anything so I know it is just a matter of time before she is off and running. I could go on and on about her special talents and her cuteness but I don't want to bore my audience. We are all having so much fun with our Ladybug.

Now, let's talk about this one. Below is the Doodlebug on his first day of preschool this year. Cute, huh? Let me tell you something about this cuteness. I'm done trying to force him to eat things he doesn't want to eat. Here's why. There is this Chinese restaurant that we go to and he will eat the mess out of the chicken the the fried rice. So, we went to PF Chang's today for lunch. I got him some chicken fried rice off of the kids menu - yes, PFC's has a kids menu now. So the first bite of the chicken he says, rather quickly, "Hey, that's pretty good." Well, the second piece I forced upon him must have been poisoned or something because he started gagging on it and then proceeded to puke on me and himself and the floor. WTF???? It's chicken!!!! By the time I finished cleaning ourselves up my food was cold so I didn't get to finish it. Like I said, I'm done forcing the issue. He'll eat when he is hungry.

Anyone else watching the Arkansas game? Could there be any more penalties? Jeez. Put the flag in your pocket, ref. Let the boys play!

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