Friday, September 11, 2009

4 year old words???

Doodlebug: Mommy, a herbivore is a dinosaur that eats grass.

Me: (puzzled) Yes baby, you're right.

Doodlebug: A carnivore is a dinosaur that eats meat.

Me: (even more puzzled) Right again.

And then he asks me if I know what a paleontologist is. Yes. Yes I do. Because I'm 35 and I'm an adult and I'm a mother and I'm a teacher and I'm supposed to know what a paleontologist is. But YOU. You're friggin' four years old. Paleontologist is not a four year old word!!!!

(Sigh) He's going to be sent to the office every day when he starts kindergarten. Lord help me.

AND, tonight we ran into the grocery store and when we went to check out he told me to put my groceries on the conveyer belt. Jeez....

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