Tuesday, August 18, 2009

August 18th

Eight months ago the Ladybug was born. 8 MONTHS??!! Are you serious??!! Yep, she's 8 months old and still an extremely happy baby...despite having cut her first tooth (not a fan of orajel, by the way). She is a fan, however, of veggies, Maxx, the Doodlebug, my jewelry, exploring the house, playing with anything other than her toys, pulling up on everything, going on walks, taking baths in the big girl bathtub, squealing, babbling....she's pretty much a fan of everything except orajel.
I'm back at work so both bugs are back to being spoiled by the grandparents on a daily basis. And speaking of being spoiled, they received a package today from their aunt Carrie. Bath time body paints!! How fun is that??!!

P.S. I realize the quality of these two pictures pretty much stinks but you can still get the bug cuteness regardless of the quality.

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