Saturday, April 18, 2009

Four. Cuatro. Quatre. Vier. (4)

4 - is the number of hours I was at happy hour after school yesterday.

4 - is the number of margaritas I had at said happy hour. Although, 2 of those were jumbo so one might say I technically had 6 margaritas but there were only 4 glasses so I'm sticking with 4.

4 - is the number of months old the ladybug is today. Special talents include rolling from her belly to her back and then from her back to her belly, chewing on her fists, drooling on everything, telling us stories (she's very vocal), giggling (especially at her crazy brother), and making all of us very happy.
4 - is the number of kids in Carson's class that cried today during the spring program....the doodlebug being one of them. He made it to the stage, waved at us, took a look around and then started crying. I felt so sorry for him. He stood with the teacher and covered his face the whole time. The only time he didn't cover his face was when he was covering his ears when the audience was clapping. Poor guy. Here is a picture of him before the crying started.

4 - is the number of cars I saw flooded out from high water on my way to get my haircut today. It was a very, very, very, very rainy day in Houston and there are always the people who think they can get through high water and end up finding out the hard way that they are wrong. It's days like this that I miss having the Tahoe to drive around in but Eve took care of me just fine.

4 - is the number of Easter pictures I will leave you with.


  1. Your husband is so not using his daughter as a cakerest. Oh yes, yes he is.

  2. You sure it was just 4 margaritas? You didn't pour some of them into some poor unsuspecting fool's glass?