Sunday, April 5, 2009

Quotes of the Weekend

Let me start off by saying that paying bills sucks.

Now, let's recap the weekend. Friday night, Sarah and Jason came over - they needed beverages to prepare for a visit with her mom. We made wings, had margs and played Wii...good times. Saturday night, John, Chuck and Melissa and James came over to celebrate Melissa's birthday. We made tacos, had drinks and played Wii...good times. We have reinvented one of our favorite drinks - it has gone from the El Chupacabra to the Tresacabra and now it is the Quadracabra. I will not reveal the ingredients because I am selfish and want to keep the goodness to myself but I will say there is a lot of liquor in it and it's hella-good. Anyway, there were fabulous quotes being dropped left and right both nights and I'd like to share some of them with you now. The speakers of the quotes shall remain nameless to protect their not-so-innocence.
  • There's a snake on me.
  • A snake is beating me.
  • Marg got tipped.
  • Can we come over and borrow some Crown?
  • Chuck, I just invaded your cupcake....sorry.
  • Chuckacabra.
  • It's a game, not music.
  • Do you see the colors Chuck??!!
  • Hit it harder than that Chuck!!
  • That's called stage presence.
  • Hey, at least I didn't get booed off the stage.
  • F-I-Y-A-H (that spells fire).
  • I think you popped something.
  • Hold your Mo.
  • Person 1: I have to sing like a man so it will be a little low. Person 2: That will even me out singing like a woman.

Good times.......


  1. Don't forget "po-po-po-poker face..." or "po-po-po-pocketbook..."

  2. I got your voicemail. You really have a lovely singing voice!