Friday, July 16, 2010

That Bird is Crazy....

Fredericksburg...Part I.

Our first stop on our Fredericksburg trip was lunch in San Antonio on the river. You know what they have there??? A lot of??? Pigeons. Bert likes them....Sarah does not. There was a table next to us that was 95% kids and they were feeding them and then chasing them away. Chasing them towards Sarah, who would make the most precious and amusing squeal any time one would come her way. What is your fear anytime a bird comes near you?? Especially OVER you?? Here are a few quotes from lunch....enjoy...

  • I just don't want to get pooped on.
  • The dookey just fell.
  • Is he pooping???!!!
And here is a quote from just moments ago...

  • You just squealed so loud my cup vibrated in my hand.

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