Monday, July 26, 2010

Fred...part deux

After surviving the pooping pigeons of San Antonio, we headed to Fredericksburg. Our friends, Jason & Kristie, met us there for the weekend. Have I defined "us" yet?

The boys....Jason, Chuck, Chad and John.

The sexy bitches....Sarah, Melissa and me. HI!
(The above 2 pictures were in San Antonio so Jason & Kristi are not pictured. Yes, there were 2 Jason's that weekend. Keep up.)

We were staying at the Almost Home Guest House. This is a house owned by some friends of mine and we stay there any time we head to Fredericksburg. Once we got there and unloaded everything, we opened up the bar. After boozing it up for a little while, we headed to Hondo's for some dinner. Here's a photo of our party of 9.

Then we headed back to the house because, well, booze was free at the house. The ladies staying inside and talked (and knitted) while the boys got hot in the hot tub.

The next morning after breakfast, we headed to Comfort, TX to our first winery, Singing Waters. It was a lovely winery and the people there were so friendly and personable. After our tasting, we all got a glass of our favorite wine and headed out back to enjoy it. Our party of 9 turned into 11 because Sarah's sister, Emily, and her husband, Jeremy, joined us on Saturday. Here we are enjoying our wine. The 2 Jason's are not paying attention in this photo.

After lunch, we went to another winery that we don't really want to talk about because they weren't as nice. Then after that one we came back to town and hit a wine bar. Blurry photo, I know. I need a new camera.

This picture proves that Chad was on the trip with us......

Saturday was a long day and I think we were all a little tired that evening. We had a nice dinner at a cafe close to the house then we just hung out for the rest of the evening. We headed home on Sunday. We had a great time. Chad is getting a little spoiled with trips for his birthday. Last year we were in Vegas and now Fredericksburg. Wonder where we will be next year for his birthday as we say goodbye to his 30s..........


  1. I'm just a little jealous! You know the Havertys love the wine!