Monday, March 1, 2010

Where did my weekend go?

What a busy weekend. Busy but fun! Friday night started with a Southern Living at Home party at my house. My friend, Sarah, started a Southern Living party so I helped her get started by hosting a party. February was double hostess dollars so I got LOTS of goodies thanks to all of my friends that came and made purchases. I'm so excited to get all of my new stuff. The I'll need to host some other party so I can use all of my new stuff. I'm always the hostess....

Saturday morning I got up and got going pretty quick. I had several errands to run that morning. Then the Doodlebug had a soccer game at 12:00. After that, we went to Pump it Up for the first of two birthday parties that day for the Doodlebug. That one lasted from 1 - 3. Then we headed to the next birthday party from 4 - 6.

Saturday night was spent at home. When I was at the 2nd bday party, Melissa sent me a text telling me about a "words with friends" app for the iPhone that I needed to download. So I did and we are able to play scrabble with each other on our phones. So by Saturday evening Melissa, Chuck, Chad and I had 4 different scrabble games going on with each other. It's semi-lame, I know, but we were having fun. We haven't seen Chuck and Melissa since New Year's Eve but we still manage to have a good time together - even if it is just through our phones.

Sunday, my mom, Leah, and myself went to a wedding shower for a friend of ours that is getting married in May. It was a very nice shower. Very girly - which is always fun. Leah had an allergic reaction to something that she ate which worried us all a bit. Luckily someone at our table travels with benadryl so that took care of it pretty quick. And now, thanks to that incident, I also travel with benadryl.

So a busy weekend is over. Next weekend will be just as busy. I've got the Stride 4 Stroke Saturday morning. That night, Chad and I are going to see John Mayer - front row on the floor, YAY!! Then Sunday afternoon is the Doodlebug's 5th birthday party. 5!!!!! That's probably going to make me a little sad.......

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