Sunday, November 8, 2009

The Mighty Papercuts

The Doodlebug got bored with gymnastics and decided to try something new. Ok, that's not 100% true. I got bored with gymnastics and encouraged him to try something new. Or I made him try something new. Details, details. Anyway, he decided to try soccer. He played on a team through the YMCA. His team name was the Papercuts. Here is a picture of him before his first game.

Now, he missed his first practice because he had to go to the doctor because he was sick. Then his second practice was rained out. So for the first game, where do they put the kid that has never played soccer EVER and who has never attended a practice? They made him the goalie......

He did so good the first game that they made him the goalie at the second game.

And he was goalie at every game this season. (Not the only goalie. They did switch out. But he was the best goalie.) Seriously, he rarely let anything past him. You know why he is such a good goalie? Because the goalie doesn't have to run!!!! That's right. My kid who runs like the wind through the house and through Target and through anywhere else doesn't like to run on the soccer field. Doesn't care for it at all. He even invented his "super fast runner" button and would push it mid-way through the game and that didn't help so much.

But he had a great time playing. He had a cheering section every week. Here is daddy, granny and granddaddy, along with the Ladybug cheering him on. Nonnie made it out to a lot of games too.
The soccer season has come to an end and now he's ready to play baseball. I was pushing for basketball because it is played inside rather than out - during the winter - but he wanted baseball. I'm sad that we will miss his first baseball game - we'll be in Las Vegas - but I know he'll do great. We'll see how this sporting adventure pans out......

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