Sunday, November 15, 2009

The Black Swan ain't what it used to be

A few weeks ago, Chad & I and Sarah & Jason decided we needed a night to go out and boogie. Don't know why - we just did. We started out at one of our favorite restaurants - Sylvia's Enchilada Kitchen. They have a new location on Woodway, which is right down the street from The Black Swan - a great place to get your boogie on. Sylvia's food was fantastic but I will admit I was defeated by the margaritas. I have actually never met a margarita that I couldn't conquer but those bitches were strong. I don't think I finished either one of mine. So strong. Then we went to a wine bar on Washington - met Chuck and Melissa there - and we killed some wine before moving on to the Black Swan.

Let me give you a little background on the Black Swan. It's in the basement of a hotel and they play old school music that everyone likes to dance to regardless of their age. We used to go there A LOT in my single days when I was working at VKAC. Our Friday night ritual was to go to Birra Poretti's and then go dance the night away. I can remember times when me and my friends were the only ones on the dance floor. Kathryn and I made up our Dancing Queen dance at that very place. Friday nights were not very crowded. Saturday nights were usually a little more crowded because it is a great place for wedding parties to go after receptions still in their wedding attire. Anyway, I haven't been there in a LONG time. We got there last night pretty close to midnight. Oh. My. Goodness. Wall to wall people!! There are now couches and secluded booths all over the place. The dance floor was unbelievably packed. It took us forever to get a drink. Some drunk chic hit on my husband. We came across one of the secluded booths right next to the dance floor and took a seat. Let the people watching commence... We lost count of the different wedding parties that were there. There were 2 brides there. (Aren't the bride and groom supposed to be in the honeymoon suite, I don't know, sleeping?) There were a lot of girls wearing things that they really shouldn't be wearing - I guess they thought they looked cute. Guys thought it was a good idea to take their tie off and tie it around their head like Rambo. Some guy walked by our table, wearing a jacket that looked like it was made for a toddler, and almost fell on Sarah. Thankfully there was a curtain by our table that he was able to grab onto to keep from falling.

Now, I know I'm 35 and the age of most people in there (with the exception of the sugar daddy we saw) was much younger than that, but I'm pretty sure my friends and I never acted the way most of these people were acting last night and I'm pretty sure we looked a lot cuter than the people we saw last night. We were good for one drink and then we headed home. Next time we will have to go on a Friday 6:00 in the evening.

Oh, and on the way out, we walked by the pool and there are some fountains and ponds out there and what did we see??? A black swan.

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  1. So smooth and creamy - I wish I'd gotten a pic of that swan!