Wednesday, July 29, 2009

What happens in Vegas...

...goes on the blog.

Our first of 2 Vegas trips for the year is over and I am sad. We had a great time! I would love to share every detail and every picture but I know you would get bored so I'll just share a few tidbits.

It started in the airport bar. Chad, Melissa and I all ordered a pre-flight drink.

Bartender: Would you like an extra shot in your drink for a dollar?
Melissa: Hit me!

We did that twice. And then again, twice, on the plane. Drinks make a flight go faster.

Here are a couple of celebrity sightings:

Mike Myers was in full Austin Powers gear in the seat behind us on the plane.

Billy Gibbons of ZZ Top in the Las Vegas airport. They were there performing with Aerosmith.

Here is the limo ride from the airport to the hotel. We made a stop at the ABC store at Planet Hollywood for some booze and some real Coke products.

Here is the first day at the cabana. The cabana was money well spent. It was a great retreat for drinks and lounging. Of course, certain underage people kept using it as a walkway but we survived. We blocked them off a little bit and had fun attempting to be mean to them. The pools at Mandalay Bay are great. They have pools, a lazy river and a wave pool. Now, let's talk about the "wave" pool for a moment. Notice that the word wave is not plural - there is a reason for that. They literally let one wave go at a time. It's not like your normal wave pool where you have wave after wave after wave. It is seriously one wave every 45 seconds or so...weird. The lazy river was fun if you don't mind getting splashed, kicked, and bumped into by kids at every turn. A note to the Mandalay Bay executives: the first and last 2 hours of each day should be kid free at the pools so the adults can enjoy themselves a little more. I'm just sayin...

The second night there we had dinner at a restaurant called Diablo's. It is in front of the Monte Carlo. We had a table upstairs overlooking the strip. It was awesome! Here are Sarah, Jason and I. We killed 2 pitchers of margaritas between the two of us. 4 or 5 drops of rain fell from the sky so Sarah requested an umbrella.
Adam (the waiter) to Melissa: Would you like another drink?
Melissa: Hit me!
Day 2 at the cabana. Random photo...I know.
Ok, this was a bar on the 64th floor at THE Hotel, which is the 2nd tower at Mandalay Bay. There was an incredible view from up there and some very odd furniture. There was glass in this place from floor to ceiling, even in the bathroom. It was great.

After drinks there we went to the Venetian for a nice Italian dinner and then across the street to Rhumbar. THEN, me and Chad and Chuck and Melissa went to a bar back at Mandalay Bay called Minus in minus 5 degrees. Before you go in this bar, they give you a parka, some boots and gloves. Why do they do this you ask? Because EVERYTHING (with the exception of the floor) is made out of ice. That's right - the bar, the walls, the tables, the benches, the glasses - all ICE. It was freezing in there but it was so fun. I don't have any pictures of it because they won't let you take cameras in because your camera will freeze up.
We came home Friday and we are counting down the days until we go back in November. There won't be any pool time in November so I fear there will be more gambling and perhaps more drinking. We have to give Melissa more opportunities to say, "hit me!"
P.S. That's not really Mike Myers up there. That's totally Melissa. But that really is Billy Gibbons.

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