Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Rodeo Day 2009

Today was Rodeo Day at Carson's school. Check out my handsome cowboy. He's not the best at posing for pictures but he's still a cutie. They had all kinds of rodeo activities for the kids today and even a hot dog lunch. Now, any of you who have met my child knows that the kid doesn't eat. A hot dog to him is simply the bun with some ketchup on it. BUT, being that he will be 4 in 5 days, he decided to be a big boy today and try the wiener. Could it be we are going to start eating something more than carbs at every meal? He used to eat chicken nuggets but for whatever reason stopped and now only eats a cheeseburger with no meat when we go to McDonald's. He has informed us that he will start and stop doing certain things when he turns 4. He says he is going to stop sucking his thumb and he is going to start eating meat. So, based on today, perhaps one of those things will actually happen.

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  1. He definitely is cute! Keep us posted on the "big boy" changes!