Friday, March 20, 2009

Concert Commentary

Last night, Chad and I headed down to the Toyota Center with Mike and Laura to see the Elton John and Billy Joel concert. It was fabulous! They both started the show playing some songs together - it was very piano bar-esque. Then Elton played solo, followed by Billy solo then they wrapped the show up playing more songs together. Elton was great - played songs we all know and love - but Billy Joel put on the better show. He's very entertaining - a great story teller and a great jokester. I loved the show!!!

Now, let's talk about the crowd. Better yet, let's talk about the dude sitting next to me. It never fails - anytime I go to a concert, the only normal people around me are the people I am with. There is always the drunk chick behind me spilling her bear down my back. Or the drunk couple in front of me making out. Or the dude trying to have a conversation with his buddy on the cell phone. Or even the two people in front of me trying to have a serious conversation in the middle of the concert - heads pushed together, screaming at each other, blocking my view. Let's not forget the person that has an interpretive dance for every song or the one who feels the need to sing at the top of their lungs to every song. Last night was no different.

Let me set the stage for you. Our seats were upstairs at the Toyota Center. Have you ever been there? They pack you in upstairs - you have no elbow room and no foot room. It's crammed!! We had to look to our right to see the stage and my new concert friend (not!) was sitting to my right. He was with a group of four people. These four people had a few group dances they would bust into. They would sway back and forth, play the air piano, air saxophone - anything dorky they could think of, they did, of course with no rhythm. But here is what really bugged me about the dude sitting next to me. He would stand up, put his back to me, and then proceed to bend over to talk to his group of dorks that he was with. So, when he bends over, (remember I'm looking to the right) what is in my face? That's right - his rear end!! He invaded my personal space with his buttocks one too many times last night and I didn't appreciate it at all. And then to top it all off he didn't even know the words to Piano Man. Hello!!!!! Who doesn't know the words to Piano Man? I'm sure not everyone does but if you are going to pay the money that EJ & BJ were charging for their tickets, then you should probably know the words to that song. Seriously!

A bottle of red. A bottle of white. Whatever kind of mood you're in tonight.

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